Your code tells a story

I love when I look at some code that I have written a while ago and I have no relocation of it. But after a while looking at it, all the decisions I have made at the time do start to come back to me. I even start to remember the conversations I had with colleagues and product managers that lead me to decide to write the code. Sometimes I feel like I am reading my lines of code like one reads a novel and a story forms in front of their eyes.

Coding vs Documenting

Recently I read an article by Dan Kim over at Signal v. Noise, you know, the Basecamp folks. In this article Dan tells us about a question he got from a student asking what tools he would use to create diagram and other documents before start implementing. Dan’s basic answer was that they don’t do that at Basecamp. At my job we also put very little effort on the documents and specs, there is a high level specs that is more geared towards the business and some low level specs that focus on the communication between the backend folks and mobile ones.

Moving from Jekyll to Hugo

Recently I have decided to bring my blog back to live. And to do that I went ahead and looked for popular static gen tools and found that Hugo is a popular tool nowadays. So I decided to migrate my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. The blog was originally in Wordpress and I have already migrated from Wordpress to Jekyll. Lately I have been more interested in playing with blogging tools them actually write on my blog.

Xmas in Brazil

This year I spent the Christmas in Brazil with my family. We have some traditions which involves food, usually a lot of food. Here in Brazil we celebrate the Christmas evening on the 24th of December with a big dinner. We have risotto with prawns, prawns croquettes, broccolis salad, capiscum salad and also some desserts which usually includes fruits and pudim. Here is a picture of the capiscum salad.

Melbourne Cup 2013

On 5th of November we had the Melbourne Cup. The company here I am working did a very nice event where for a period of a hour before the race we played games, had some finger food and even a competition for best lady and gentlemen dresses. But the best moment of the day was to win $150 dollars in a betting. I was very lucky.


Gabi and I had Thomas and Anna recently for some sleepovers. We never get both at the same time mainly because we have just one spare bed. Every time that they come we try to do something special with them and for them. This time Thomas got a delicious carrot cake. He loved the chocolate topping.