A rant about Slack emojis

Back in the day when Slack emojis was something new, someone in my company created an emoji with the words “Thank You” and that became widely used throughout our Slack channels. Then people started to be creative and “New build”, “Won’t do” and others got created. A lot more got imported too. When Slack introduced dark mode we started to have issues where some of this imported or custom created emojis won’t be visible in dark mode.

War stories - NES

Recently I came across the ArsTechnica video series called War Stories which tells the stories of the people in the frontlines creating popular video games. I watched the episode about the 1985’s NES launch in the US which happened during a time were the customers were skeptical about video games and in need to be prooven that the games and consoles were worth expend their money on. The episode interviews Gail Tilden who was the Nintendo person responsible for advertising the NES in America.

How to run SO from SSD on ODROID HC4

I have spent some time looking around for a way to boot the SO from a SSD on an ODROID HC4 but apparently there isn’t a way to do it at least not without a keyboard. This video shows how to do it when you have a keyboard connected to the ODROID but since I don’t own a USB keyboard that is not an option for me. The option I found shows how to boot via the Micro SD but have the SO running from the SSD.

My first concert

Testing Recently at Jyve we had an event where everyone shared their first concert. It was fun to see how everybody in the company literally had something to share of a concert they have been. The question itself: What was your first concert? Kind of caused a block on my brain. I couldn’t remember what was mine first concert. I started doing a trip down memory lane and even message one of my best buddies that I am sure was with me on my first concert.