Writing more online

I’ve been considering to write more online and diverge a bit from a personal blog like that. The ideia would be to setup a different domain with a blog and have a long article about topics that interesting me. Such topics would be the IndieWeb and the open web as well as decentralized software and open source software. The frequency would be once a month and I think this could be a nice way to share what I have been reading and also grow my knowledge in such subjects.

Writing as Affirmation

If you have been reading the recently posts you may have noticed that a lot what I write are thoughts that sound like affirmations on things that I want to myself. I find that if I write something it brings clarity to myself about the topic. Another point is when I write I confirm that this is important and that I’m now accountable to that idea since I wrote and gave it more importance.

Alarm clock

Ever since I started working later in the day I stopped using alarm clocks. Now I am considering starting to use it again to have a better morning routine and perhaps even a better evening routine too. When you don’t have an exact time to wake up in the morning you end up getting out of bed at different times each day. You have a lack of routine so you end up not doing anything productive in the first moments of the day.

Content consumption

Early this week I’ve talked about centralized and decentralized social networks. Today I want to talk about the different types of content consumption. I think anything from read a book to watch tv is content consumption. But I think you can consume entertainment or educational content or a mix of the two, edutainment. When you have a short form of content like the Instagram reels or the Youtube shorts, you can’t really learn anything, but when you watch a course on Youtube or any other platform you are then consumig content that will enrich you.


Do something small everyday with consistency and when you look on the long run we will have accomplished a lot. A few examples are: read ten pages of a book everyday and in a year will be over 3000 pages or a video course with 30 hours so you study one hour a day and the course will be finished in a month, or even clean a room of your house per day and in a week your home will be cleaned.

Social vs Social

I’m going to talk about the social networks the centralized form and the decentralized one. Decentralization itself is a extensive topic so what I will talk about here is the federation aspect of a decentralized network. Think email. I’m giving Instagram a break. I’ve stopped posting there many years ago but I’ve been consuming content there for a while and at some points, it was to an amount that I ended up finding unhealth.