How to run SO from SSD on ODROID HC4

I have spent some time looking around for a way to boot the SO from a SSD on an ODROID HC4 but apparently there isn’t a way to do it at least not without a keyboard. This video shows how to do it when you have a keyboard connected to the ODROID but since I don’t own a USB keyboard that is not an option for me. The option I found shows how to boot via the Micro SD but have the SO running from the SSD.

My first concert

Testing Recently at Jyve we had an event where everyone shared their first concert. It was fun to see how everybody in the company literally had something to share of a concert they have been. The question itself: What was your first concert? Kind of caused a block on my brain. I couldn’t remember what was mine first concert. I started doing a trip down memory lane and even message one of my best buddies that I am sure was with me on my first concert.

Your code tells a story

I love when I look at some code that I have written a while ago and I have no relocation of it. But after a while looking at it, all the decisions I have made at the time do start to come back to me. I even start to remember the conversations I had with colleagues and product managers that lead me to decide to write the code. Sometimes I feel like I am reading my lines of code like one reads a novel and a story forms in front of their eyes.

Coding vs Documenting

Recently I read an article by Dan Kim over at Signal v. Noise, you know, the Basecamp folks. In this article Dan tells us about a question he got from a student asking what tools he would use to create diagram and other documents before start implementing. Dan’s basic answer was that they don’t do that at Basecamp. At my job we also put very little effort on the documents and specs, there is a high level specs that is more geared towards the business and some low level specs that focus on the communication between the backend folks and mobile ones.