La casa de papel part 5

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-09-07-la-casa-de-papel-part-5.gmi We watched this past Friday all five episodes of Money Heist part 5 on Netflix, the Spanish show also know in Spain by the name of La Casa de Papel. Spoiler alert: I will be talking about things from the show that it will ruin it for you if you want to watch it later. You been warned. So after five episodes, you learn that you will have to wait until December to see the finale, if there will even be a finale by them.

The Truffle Hunters

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-08-30-the-truffle-hunters.gmi We watch this amazing movie, The Truffle Hunters. For me the movie is a mix of a movie and a documentary but the way the creators convey the movie is more like a movie than a documentary. The movie follows around a feel truffle hunters and their dogs and shows a bit of their way of living. I love how simple they live.

Marvel Black Widow

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-07-30-marvel-black-widow.gmi We watched all the movies from Marvel that have Black Widow in them before watching the newly released Black Widow movie. It was a nice marathon. Disney Plus facilitated it for us. They had a Black Widow row in the app listing all movies. We just had to watch one by one. Of all of them we only have seem the Iron Man 2 before but that was ages ago.

Watching the Jason Bourne movie series

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-06-30-rewatching-jason-bourne-movie-series.gmi We started watching the Jason Bourne movie series which is my favorite action movie of this type that features a super agent. So far we have seen The Bourne Identity from 2002, The Bourne Supremacy from 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum from 2007. What I love about it is Bourne’s perception of danger and how he seems to be always ten steps ahead of the people trying to catch him.

Blockbuster's podcast season 2

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-05-13-blockbuster-podcast-season-2.gmi The season 2 from Blockbuster is the story of James Cameron. This is a well produced podcast, one of the best I have ever listened to. Season one was about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and it was also excellent. It details the beginning of James Cameron carrier and how he was a bus driver full of movies ideas. It focus a lot o Terminator and Titanic.

Watching Bond's movies

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-04-04-watching-bonds-movies.gmi When we learned that Sean Connery passed we got together with friends (virtually speaking ;-)) and decided to watch some James Bond movies. The initial problem was where to start and we knew that there would be a lot of movies. So we came up with an idea (I can’t recall which of us did) to watch the top rated movie from each of the Bond actors, in the end we only skipped Timothy Dalton just because when we got to him we were ready for a more modern version of Bond.