I'm 47

Last Saturday, the 15th I completed 47 years. I had a great time celebrating at my uncle’s place, whose birthday is on the same day as mine. My cousins were there and it was fun to see everyone. A few things happened in the last 12 months but the most exciting one is that Gabi and I purchased land and we will be building our home. The construction should start in a few months.

20 years of blogging

Last Tuesday, on Feb 27th it was the twentieth anniversary of this blog. I’m far from an active blogger but I like to think that this still exist 20 years later. I’ve have started blogging (Portuguese) in a moment of change in my life, I was moving to Australia (Portuguese) to study and wanted to share that experience to my friends and family. Little I knew that I would spend 10 years in Australia, get married, meet new friends and later moved to San Francisco.

Fixing My RSS Feed

Today I have finally fixed my RSS feed. When I set it up due to my lack of knowledge on Hugo static site generator I have ended up leaving it as a excerpt instead of full text post. Now it is fixed and if you subscribed to my RSS feed you will get the full posts in your reader of choice.

Learning New Tricks

I never had a hobby. If someone’s ask me if I have a hope right now I might say I do and it is creating little projects to learn new things on the web. My latest learning was Eleventy a static generator website built in Node / Javascript. One thing that I loved about Eleventy is the global data files. They are a easy way to add any data to your pages.

When You Need An Exact Match

I’m sure this has happen with me before. This week I was recommended a store near by that I didn’t know about. On the next day when I went to search for the store online to find out where it was I made a mistake and thought of a different popular name starting with the same syllable. To my surprise the search result shown a place 181 miles away (Yes I am still using miles on my phone).

A Newsletter Platform Alternative

There is a lot of struggles when maintaining a newsletter platform, but I believe that similarly with hosting your own website outside a platform, one could host their own newsletter. If you are looking to self-host your own newsletter solution, check out listmonk, it has a nice interface and it is relatively easy to install and use. When it comes to delivery the emails to your subscribers a nice mail server is Maddy.