Looking back at old blog posts

The main reason I’ve started posting again on this blog, is that I like to look back at old blog posts, like this one. There is something special about them. They magically take me back to that time and let me revive those moments of my life. Having those memories registered in this blog is definitely something that motivates me to write again here.

An Internet History - The AOL CDs

Today I had a four hour drive and as usually when I am traveling by myself I put on some podcasts to listen to. Internet History Podcast by Brian McCullough from Techmeme Ride Home had an episode that dropped on Saturday interviewing Jan Brandt whom worked at AOL and was responsable for the marketing campaign that gave the world a billion AOL CDs. I knew about the AOL CDs because they were even a thing here in Brazil for a while, but I didn’t know (spoilers ahead) that the CDs were available at Blockbuster, in their sample box which was given to customers for every three movies they rented, and would contain products samples (like popcorn and candies), Blockbuster discounts and the AOL CD.

Your Own Website Setup VS Convenience

When I made the first post for the challenge I’m doing this month, which involves writing a post and a journal entry every day, I encountered some scripting issues with the setup I’m using Hugo and Netlify. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and decided to upgrade the Hugo version, even though I knew it could potentially bring more issues, such as theme incompatibilities due to breaking changes. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

Day One app

Back in 2019 I did a few entries in the journaling app Day One. I didn’t go to far on my journaling journey but a couple of weeks ago I was surprised by a notification on my phone that went something like: On this day 25th of May. Tapping on the notification allowed me to read what I wrote and I thought it was really cool, so I decided to start journaling again.

The challenge

This morning has I woke up and realized that we were already in June and I can’t recall exactly how but I thought I should do a challenge which would be writing everyday, for the month of June, something on this blog. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit so June is perfect since it has 30 days. I am not sure what I going to write which makes me think that it was an impulse more than anything else and certainly it wasn’t planned.

La casa de papel part 5

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-09-07-la-casa-de-papel-part-5.gmi We watched this past Friday all five episodes of Money Heist part 5 on Netflix, the Spanish show also know in Spain by the name of La Casa de Papel. Spoiler alert: I will be talking about things from the show that it will ruin it for you if you want to watch it later. You been warned. So after five episodes, you learn that you will have to wait until December to see the finale, if there will even be a finale by them.