Blockbuster's podcast season 2

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-05-13-blockbuster-podcast-season-2.gmi The season 2 from Blockbuster is the story of James Cameron. This is a well produced podcast, one of the best I have ever listened to. Season one was about George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and it was also excellent. It details the beginning of James Cameron carrier and how he was a bus driver full of movies ideas. It focus a lot o Terminator and Titanic.

Watching Bond's movies

This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-04-04-watching-bonds-movies.gmi When we learned that Sean Connery passed we got together with friends (virtually speaking ;-)) and decided to watch some James Bond movies. The initial problem was where to start and we knew that there would be a lot of movies. So we came up with an idea (I can’t recall which of us did) to watch the top rated movie from each of the Bond actors, in the end we only skipped Timothy Dalton just because when we got to him we were ready for a more modern version of Bond.


Disconnecting This post can also be found on Gemini at gemini://gmi.antonio.is/glog/2021-03-01-disconnecting.gmi Over the weekend I managed to disconnect for a bit. It wasn’t perfect I still used my phone but at least I didn’t use my computer. This my sounds crazy but I have been using my computer everyday and since WFH it’s almost completing one year I was feeling like I was all the time connect since I work from the same desk that I spend my own time own the computer too.

Kill the newsletter

Part of my RSS fun is this little service that I found and have been using for the past two months called Kill the newsletter. The service is very simple, which I love it, and all it does is to give you an email address and a RSS feed URL. You subscribe to the feed URL using you favorite RSS reader and the email you should use to subscribe to newsletter.

The RSS fun

I am following in love with RSS feeds again. I am a bit ashamed to say that size the end of Google Reader I have tried many feed reader apps and none stuck with me. I think that happened mainly because I had shared my attention with social network websites. Overtime I slowly started loosing my interest on most social networks and more recently started noticed that I don’t really miss it and I have no need to go and check my social profiles.