Thinking about how to promote art


My father in law makes some beautiful digital paintings, and I have been talking to Gabi about how we could help him sell his paintings. The technical part of creating a website to sell his art wouldn’t be difficult, it may take some time since I haven’t done anything like that before.

The hard bit in my mind is how to promote it. Our first thought was Instagram, and we believe as Instagram users ourselves we know how this could possibly be done. Now, where else or how to promote the paintings in other places online?

One way is to create a blog as a companion for the website where the art would be available for sale. However that would require some research and time for creating the articles. Another idea would be to participate in online forums where other artists hang out.

A third idea would be to create YouTube videos show casing the processes used to create the digital art. A simpler way would be to show before and after photos, since the art is created from original photos taken by my father in law. The same idea could be applied for Instagram.

Ideally we would create the content on the website owned by us but it seems much easier just to leverage the audience from Instagram and YouTube.

There are other websites that sell commission based art and that could be another way to reach an audience. Perhaps if we decide to go down this route, we could find a website that would help you to connect with the buyers, and that way we could sign them up for a newsletter which would help spread the word and generate recurring sales.

One way or another, this is a good exercise to think how one can promote their own art.