I signed up for Uberspace


I have been hearing for a while about this VPS hosting service called and I finally decided to signed up.

The service is really interesting for various reason. First there are three pricing tiers and you selected the price, starting from 5 euros per month, if you can pay more they have the 10 euros and 15 euros per month tier. I’ve decided yet what I will pay but since this is just so I can test a few things I might pay the 5 euros per month, I won’t be a heavy user.

The second interesting aspect of Uberspace is that it is totally command line based. They have setup a feel scripts that help you all to do some quick things like add a domain or create your Wordpress blog, but they want you to learn the shell. I find this super cool, command line is not hard. It’s just a mere of learning it. And once you learn it you kind of feel smarter. ;-)

I’ve setup a Wordpress blog in Uberspace, so I can run some testing for a side project, and it was really simple. On Uberspace’s website there is a guide for it and bunch more docs that teach you go navigate around the things you need for hosting your stuff. There is also the labs which are more specific for certain tools.

Ah! I almost forgot there are only 12 people working in this hosting platform, they all works remotely from Germany and Austria. I always love when I find companies that are doing cool stuff like this and are not afraid of being different.