Playing with PHP


Today I had to write a very small (three lines) script in PHP for something I need tested at work. And that brought back some memories from a project that I had to do for the school in Australia, when I was studying there.

For that school project I had to build an entire website, and we had to show our skill writing a CRUD application that used a database. If those who don’t know, CRUD stands for create, retrieve, update and delete, basically all the operations one would need to create a website that keep data in a database.

I remember that I wouldn’t have time to write the CSS so I copied it from the internet, I guess since it was I school project I wasn’t supposed to do that. But all the rest I wrote myself and took me one night, yes I did the project in one full night, going to bed at 6am as the sun was coming up.

I got a good mark for that project. I guess the CSS was good (just kidding). The website I created was a classified that would allow you to save anything you want to sell, it would get a title, a description and the area you live (and probably something else that I don’t remember). Very similar with Craigslist. It worked well but I probably haven’t done any error handling properly, it’s been a while but probably I’m right.

I will see if I can find that project just to fulfill my nostalgia. It was a fun time!