Community organized hosting


Ever since I learned about these communities organized services and tools hosting I have been considering to start one but also thinking that the internet would be a very different place if that was the norm. These are communities like, that is completing 35 years this year,,, the tilde ones and many others.

They are all privacy focused, some offer email, others offer blog hosting, chat and conference servers and some offer almost everything one would need to not only have an online presence but also to work and produce online. Some of the working tools include Nextcloud (cloud storage) and Only Office (office suite) that allow folks to create documents and store files.

Most of them take donations or offer a little more for a small fee, like more space or even VPS services.

Everything that requires a server needs hosting and these community organized groups are mostly volunteer run by mainly open source enthusiasts. If you are in the fediverse you would probably have seen these communities since the Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Lemmy and other fediverse based applications are also ran on the same principles of community and camaraderie.

Don’t to agree that if these communities were more wildspread the internet would be a better place.