Hacker Public Radio


One podcast that I enjoy listen to from time to time is the Hacker Public Radio or HPR for short. Most of the episodes are about geek stuff.

But what I find most interesting about HPR is who it is a community organized podcast, meaning that each episode is submitted by a community member. Anyone can submit a podcast and there is a review process for new participants. The only rule around the topic is that need to be something that interest hackers.

The project has been going for over 17 years and there are more than 3000 episodes. Episodes are daily. When I first found out about HPR I thought it was a very cool idea. I think this could be applied for many groups that have similar interests, and even a group of friends that want to create a podcast and share the host seat.

Another nice thing about a community like that is that when you start producing podcast for the project you will have already a audience, since the project have been going for many years, you can be certain that a feel people will be listening to your episode once it gets published to the feed.

Anyway I hope you find this interesting as much as I did. Go and check it out.