The power of sleep


I find that there isn’t anything more restoring that a good night of sleep. I’ve been trying to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. Sometimes I don’t get to bed until late but most of my mornings I don’t have anything to pressing so I can stay in bed a bit longer.

When I don’t sleep enough I feel I am agitated during the day and is harder to focus. Plus you start to feel tired earlier in the day, as if your batteries were not recharged fully and you haven’t got through the day yet and you are running out of energy already.

There is another aspect that I’ve started observing and that is related to food and time to eat. If I don’t sleep well and I’m tired if I start to get hungry it is one more thing that interrupt my day. If I am not tired I can finish what I am doing when I start to get hungry but if I am tired I need to stop and eat otherwise I can’t function anymore. It is as if I can only handle one thing, either tired or hungry.

If you are reading this and thinking that you don’t need to sleep much I challenge you to start observing your day and relate it to night of sleep. Are you having a good day? Are you getting things done? And if the answers to those questions is no, then think how you slept the past night. You may find out, as I did, that there is real power on a good night of sleep.