Getting back to Gemini


My Gemini capsule (gemini:// is up and running now but is out of date. I initially had my Gemini running on my Odroid but since I can’t have the Odroid setup right now I decided to use Flounder for my Gemini needs.

If you are not familiar with Gemini is a protocol that was created not long ago to be a simpler web. It basically focus on text content. And because is simpler it doesn’t have tracking and other annoying things that the web does.

If you want to check it out you will need a Gemini browser, I use Lagrange but there are other ones. So download and install Lagrange and try it out visiting my capsule (capsule are the website equivalent in Gemini) by typing in the browser gemini://, you can also visit gemini:// for a list of the most updated capsules hosted by Flounder. Most important, have fun, Gemini is a special places, people are trying different things there and collaborating together to create a great community.

I will be posting all my most recently posts from this blog to Gemini, so if you want you can move to Gemini and follow my updates there.