Packing and leaving


We are packing and leaving for one entire year. Next Monday we will be putting our stuff in a container that will stay stored for a whole year.

Where are we going? I heard you asking. We are going to Brazil to visit family and to travel through South America. We are planning to go not only to Brazil, but to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Equador, Chile and Uruguay. In fact we are starting with 10 days in a nice apartment Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When we are leaving? We are leaving on the 15th of November. So now on the 1st of November we are moving out and we will stay with Tati, Matthias and the kids for two weeks.

We are all looking forward to this journey, with us, will be our neighbours and friends Helen and Peter who will be landing in South America for the first time, they are more excited them us because for them it is not just a new place but a new language. We have been teaching them Portuguese and they are doing well and I hope that after one year they will be able to have a conversation with a local in Brazil.

You can expect to hear from us more often on this blog and also on my facebook where I will be posting some pictures of our trip.