Buenos Aires – Argentina


After leaving Australia on the 15th of November and had some road blocks we arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I like Buenos Aires, it has a beautiful architecture in some parts of the city, it has good restaurants, it is easy to travel around by subway and cheap to travel by taxi.

What I didn’t like about Buenos Aires was the dog poop on the walk side, I don’t know what is wrong with these dog owners but they definitely don’t pick up after their dogs. I should have taken a picture of the “mine field” so you guys would see what I am talking about. Anyway below are some pictures from Buenos Aires.

Gabi, Helen and Peter at the Buenos Aires Roses Garden

Myself on the same bridge

Cat, myself, Helen and Peter at the Recoleta Cemetery (the cemetery is full of street cats)

Gabi in front of the Gabriella’s shop

Gabi and I at the Cafe Tortoni (a famous place in Buenos Aires but the food and service is really bad)

Madres de Plaza de Mayo – the Mothers have fought for the right to re-unite with their abducted children

Peter and I at the tango show

Gabi and Helen at the tango show

Gabi and I at the metal flower which is fully opened in the morning and closes in the evening.

Gabi at the same flower