One special visit


My mom is here visiting us and she is loving Sydney. We are taking her around the city and showing her someone of the Sydney’s famous spots.

She is very impressed with the city’s beauty specially the flowers at this time of the year (spring). She will stay with us for one month and she is preparing some of my favourite dishes like the Parmigiana Eggplant.

We have been to the Opera House to see a play called Our Town. Although mom doesn’t speak English she have chosen this play for a reason. In 1967 (ten years before I was born) she played this play at highschool. She loved watching it and Gabi and I liked it a lot too.

Next week we are going to Opera House again, this time we will see a music concert at the Opera House’s Concert Hall. We are also planning to go to the Blue Mountains. There is a lot to see in Sydney and it’s surroundings I hope we will have time to cover the lot.