My raw food diet


I have been reading for a while about fruit and vegetable juices and I have purchased a book on the topic called 7lbs in 7 days. It sounds like a diet programme, and in fact it is but that is not the reason I am doing it.

The reason I decide to do it is because I read here that a diet based on fruits and vegetable juices can help clear the skin for patients with psoriasis, so I am giving it a try.

I got through the 7 days very easily, I remember getting a bit hungry on the first day only. And I lost 2.35 kg in one week. My skin seems the same, no improvements after the 7 days.

After I finished the 7 days juicing I started a raw food diet where I am eating just raw food, lots of fruits, green salads and nuts. I must tell I am impressed how well you can feel just by eating raw food.

Today is the end of the third week (1 week just juice, 2 weeks raw food) and I will start tomorrow another week on juices. There are 5 juices a day and with the help of a juice like this I juice pineapples, apples, carrot, beetroot, spinach, ginger and a few more type of greens. All the juices, except one which has no apples and only green leafs, are delicious.

The food diet together with the light therapy that I started a couple of weeks ago is starting cleaning my skin and I am happy with the improvements.

Ah! I almost forgot, we watched the FoodMatters documentary last week and it was really interesting I do recommend everyone that is looking into eating more organic and healthy food to watch this video documentary.