Content consumption


Early this week I’ve talked about centralized and decentralized social networks. Today I want to talk about the different types of content consumption.

I think anything from read a book to watch tv is content consumption. But I think you can consume entertainment or educational content or a mix of the two, edutainment.

When you have a short form of content like the Instagram reels or the Youtube shorts, you can’t really learn anything, but when you watch a course on Youtube or any other platform you are then consumig content that will enrich you. I think the short form content is the new zapping on the TV set that we used to do when we were just looking for something to spend the time on without really be interested in anything. Short form content is really bad, it doesn’t bring anything, you are spending time and getting nothing back. When you look I had spend hours and you are felling guilty.

I feel that I am more and more aware of this bad behaviour this days and I am trying to avoid it.