La casa de papel part 5


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We watched this past Friday all five episodes of Money Heist part 5 on Netflix, the Spanish show also know in Spain by the name of La Casa de Papel.

Spoiler alert: I will be talking about things from the show that it will ruin it for you if you want to watch it later. You been warned.

So after five episodes, you learn that you will have to wait until December to see the finale, if there will even be a finale by them. Very frustrating.

Also what was very frustrating was that they added a lot of background stories. Some that made sense and you can kind of tell why they were showing that character story. Which unfortunately is usually because that character was about to die on the main timeline. The other stories I am hoping they will make sense later.

One thing that hooked me on the first season (or part - whatever Netflix is calling it) was the fact that for all things that could go wrong the Professor had a clever plan B. Now we have less of these moments.

Sometimes you are so deep into a tv show that you want just to see the end. That’s the case with Money Heist but I wonder if it will be worth and I’m quite unsure at the moment.