The Truffle Hunters


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We watch this amazing movie, The Truffle Hunters. For me the movie is a mix of a movie and a documentary but the way the creators convey the movie is more like a movie than a documentary.

The movie follows around a feel truffle hunters and their dogs and shows a bit of their way of living. I love how simple they live. It is very inspiring. The hunters are skilled individuals that today are aging and becoming less and less of them.

Parts of the movie also show the market for the truffle, and how expensive it gets to the restaurants. It shows a auction where a gigantic truffle goes for €43k. Can’t recall how much it weights or if they said the weight but I would think it was a kilogram for perhaps more but not much more. Since it is a fungos and they usually don’t weight much.

It was an awesome movie and a great experience to see how much the hunters love their dogs and the work they do.