20 years of blogging


Last Tuesday, on Feb 27th it was the twentieth anniversary of this blog. I’m far from an active blogger but I like to think that this still exist 20 years later.

I’ve have started blogging (Portuguese) in a moment of change in my life, I was moving to Australia (Portuguese) to study and wanted to share that experience to my friends and family. Little I knew that I would spend 10 years in Australia, get married, meet new friends and later moved to San Francisco.

When I started my posts had English titles but were written in Portuguese, overtime I ended up writing only in English. The blog also had many domains since its beginnings in 2004 but I landed on in 2015 I have kept the blog here since them.

But I had a big hiatus from blogging from 2013 to 2020. I think I was like everybody else, deeply trenched in social media and neglecting my own space of the web.

My main goal with this blog is to be a trip to memory lane. Something I write for myself to look again many years from now and bring back feelings from a past life. Like a public journal.

I am hoping to keep writing here for many year to come and I’ve been following the recently moment of the web and I am excited to be part of it.