When You Need An Exact Match


I’m sure this has happen with me before. This week I was recommended a store near by that I didn’t know about. On the next day when I went to search for the store online to find out where it was I made a mistake and thought of a different popular name starting with the same syllable.

To my surprise the search result shown a place 181 miles away (Yes I am still using miles on my phone). Quickly I realized that I had the wrong name.

Finding myself in this situation I had only one alternative, ask around. So I tried use the name as I remembered (the wrong name) to see if was a search glitch, then I got the confirmation. The person I’ve asked straight away corrected my mistake, giving me the correct store name and the directions to get there.

This made me remember the time when you would ask people where places were instead of searching online. There wasn’t anything wrong about that time and I think next time I need to find a place I will just ask a stranger.