My Own Digital Garden On The Web


I’ve been hearing and seeing some examples about Digital Gardens around the IndieWeb, and I always wonder if I should create one for myself.

So when I saw Mark Sutherland’s call for the August’s carnival challenge on the topic of Gardening I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to create one.

Making that decision was the easy part. Then I started to research and looking around for examples. In the IndieWeb wiki there is a page with a few resources on Digital Garden with links for other peoples creations. In one of these creations I found inspiration to create my own.

With that, I’ve decided that I want to have a tiled style layout and came out with a few topic or things to put or plant on my garden. I want something simple that I could put up in a few hours so I decided to write all in html, via text editor. For the layout a did a quick search and found this CodePen snippet of code that only with a few tweaks it was ready to be used. Then for pages that each tile would link too I’ve have used the same CSS as my blog and copied parts of the html that I would need and adapted for the page entries.

In only three hours I had the entire project ready to be deployed. I’ve deployed it to Uberspace under the subdomain And I must say I am very happy with the results.

I look forward to the next challenge. I know that will be running a photography challenge for the month of September which I will be taking part on. Ever since I did my own challenge in June I’ve learned that challenges are a create way to keep myself creating on my blog.

Perhaps one day I can host my own IndieWeb carnival month challenge. #indienews