First day of winter


It’s the start of the winter here in the south hemesphere and the only thing that I can think is: When it will be over. I am not a big fan of winters. I prefer the autumn (fall) or spring since both have a mild temperatures. In theory today was the shortest day with sunlight of the year.

The solstice is when the sun is either in the northerly or the southerly in it’s relative to earth. I find this is super cool. Our ancesters were more connected with the seasons that we are, modern life made it easy for for and there isn’t much planning need (specially in places there doesn’t snow in the winter, like here) to go through the winter.

I am here writing this and I have some music playing in the background, a small heater near by and I am still wearing warm clothes and even though is the winter and I complain about it, I am very comfortable. I will stop complaining and enjoy the season and the things I like about it, like soup. We should always see the bright side of the things.

Stay warm, if you like me, will be going through winter in the following months.