Yunohost is a fenomenal tool if you want to quickly run and administrate open source software on your own server, may be at home (as I did in the past) or in a VPS (as I started doing now).

It allow you to install a large number of apps with basically one click, the apps range from Wordpress to Mastodon, passing through Nextcloud and even some web games.

The admin interface is very intuitive and allows you to use multiple domains and has scripts to create Let’s Encrypt certificates with a single click. You can have Wordpress running in one domain and then have NextCloud in a completely different domain. If you want you could host your friend’s blog on their own domain or even have as a subdomain in one of your domains you have setup in Yunohost.

There is one aspect that I haven’t explore much but Yunohost has email server out of the box and also provide a SSO tool, allowing you to give accounts to other people in your Yunohost installation and assign them apps they can use.

I plan to write more about Yunohost as I explore and leran more about but it is very simple to use, so if you are interested check it out.