Watching the Jason Bourne movie series


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We started watching the Jason Bourne movie series which is my favorite action movie of this type that features a super agent.

So far we have seen The Bourne Identity from 2002, The Bourne Supremacy from 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum from 2007.

What I love about it is Bourne’s perception of danger and how he seems to be always ten steps ahead of the people trying to catch him.

I had a very faded memory of the whole series. I could only recall a few key things such as his girlfriend dying but not much at all. I also vaguely remember the next two remaining movies, The Bourne Legacy from 2012 and Jason Bourne from 2016.

One thing that I wish the series would explore more is the type of training the agents from the Operation Treadstone had.

Anyway for me this is the perfect type of action movie, I get really immersed into it and when I look the movie is ending already and I still want more.

I am also trying to think what is next after the Jason Bourne movie series, maybe we will try the Star Wars in chronologic order. We did watch Return the Jedi the other day so may be we skip that one but I am keen on this idea.