Watching Bond's movies


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When we learned that Sean Connery passed we got together with friends (virtually speaking ;-)) and decided to watch some James Bond movies.

The initial problem was where to start and we knew that there would be a lot of movies. So we came up with an idea (I can’t recall which of us did) to watch the top rated movie from each of the Bond actors, in the end we only skipped Timothy Dalton just because when we got to him we were ready for a more modern version of Bond. So we started with Sean Connery himself.

Here it is our playlist:

1 - Goldfinger (Sean Connery) 2 - The Spy Who Loved Me (Roger Moore) 3 - GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan) 4 - Skyfall (Daniel Craig)

The fun thing to watch was how all Bond movies have the same formula, with 007 and the Bond girl. Also all of them have many scenes that are absolutely impossible. One of my favorite of these scenes is in the GoldenEye where 007 jumps out of a cliff chasing a empty plan that all felt from the same cliff and he manages to get into the plane and control it just before it hits the ground. It is laughable. Just look for “007 jump after plane scene” on YT and you will find it.

I have enjoyed doing the “theme” playlist. It is fun. Last time we did that was with all the Matrix movies. But this was a bit different. I also read this article and looks like a few people did similar things during lockdown last year and I am looking for another “theme” idea to watch next.