The RSS fun


I am following in love with RSS feeds again. I am a bit ashamed to say that size the end of Google Reader I have tried many feed reader apps and none stuck with me. I think that happened mainly because I had shared my attention with social network websites.

Overtime I slowly started loosing my interest on most social networks and more recently started noticed that I don’t really miss it and I have no need to go and check my social profiles.

I have started spending my time with better quality content, since last year I have signed up for WSJ and NYT and I read both on a daily basis on my phone and computer.

I also have made a came back to the RSS world. A couple of months ago I installed NetNewsWire for Mac and iOS (synching via FeedBin) and I have been reading more blogs again.

I have also been playing with Microsub and for that I have been using Monocle and Indigenous on iOS but since my Micropub setup it is still a bit broken I am not taking the full advantages of the feature such as replying and liking other people posts.

Anyway, it’s been fun to get to use this old standard that is the RSS.