My first concert


Testing Recently at Jyve we had an event where everyone shared their first concert. It was fun to see how everybody in the company literally had something to share of a concert they have been.

The question itself: What was your first concert? Kind of caused a block on my brain. I couldn’t remember what was mine first concert.

I started doing a trip down memory lane and even message one of my best buddies that I am sure was with me on my first concert.

After a while I managed to narrow down to two bands (from Brazil) that were either Paralamas do Sucesso or Engenheiros do Hawaii. But as for the first international band I went to see Metallica.

Through out the years I have been to various concerts and festivals like the Monster of Rocks where on a single day there were around ten bands playing.

I still believe that to this day concerts is the single most thing that I had spent my money own. Nevertheless to say that it was money well spent on mostly amazing experiences. There memories that one will carry to the rest of their lives and concerts are one of those memories.