Santiago, Mendoza and Bariloche


The year starting with us hitting the road. On the 12th of January we flew to Santiago in Chile. We spend three days there and got to know around the city and have some delicious fish in Santiago’s Central Market. We also visited Val Paraiso and Vina del Mar coast side cities outside Santiago.

We left Santiago to go to Mendoza and we did that by traveling through the Andes by Bus. The trip took around 6 hours and the mountain views are quite unique. Mendoza itself it is not a attracted city but it has the wineries that you can visit. Also the tours and activities are quite nice we did paragliding, house ridding, bike tours through the wineries, rappel and hot springs (this last one wasn’t that nice has it sounds).

After 5 days in Mendoza we head down to Bariloche. Bariloche is a very cute and nice city with charming houses, hotels, restaurants and chocolate/ice cream shops. We took the time to explore the beautiful nature around Bariloche, since Bariloche is a ski town in the winter, summer is a good time to do walkings and visit the glaciers, parks and lakes without the snow.

Below are some pictures of this part of our trip.

Myself at the hotel balcony in Santiago

Gabi in front of the Government House in Santiago

Helen petting horse in front of the government house in Santiago

Santiago Central Market

Gabi and I at the Cerro Santa Lucía

Crossing the Andes mountain range from Santiago to Mendoza in Argentina

Peter, myself and Helen in a park in Mendoza

Gabi, myself, Peter and Helen on a horse ridding in Mendoza

Peter, Helen and Gabi getting ready for paragliding

Gabi paragliding over Mendoza

Radical Gabi again, this time rappelling

Visit to the wine cellar in Mendoza

Gabi close to the Llao Llao resort in Bariloche

Peter getting a refreshment on the lift to Cerro Otto, Bariloche

Gabi and I at the top of Cerro Otto in Bariloche

A stop to appreciate the river in Bariloche

View of Cerro Tronador, Bariloche

Other stop on the way to Cerro Tronador

Devil’s Throat, Cerro Tronador, Bariloche

Peter and I swimming in a very cold river in Bariloche