Books that I have been reading


I have been reading some interesting books recently. One of them was Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson from Wired magazine. The book is about all these business models that are created around free, especially on the internet and in digital form. Free is possible because the costs of digital goods in the digital era of the internet are very close to zero. I got this book from Amazon.

Another book that I have just finished is Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. This is a bestsellers book on personal finances and was first released in 1999. The book talks about how Mr. Kiyosaki had two dads, one rich and one poor and the different aspect of their vision about money. While the poor dad would tell Robert to go to school get good grades and get a secure job, the rich dad would teach about the importance of being financially literate. An excellent book that I got from the library, but I loved it so much that I want to buy it. You can find out about this book here.

In the book the author talks about the game that he created to teach people how to develop their financial intelligence, the game is called Cashflow. I had the chance to meet a group of people how plays this game and last weekend I had my first experience playing the game. I couldn’t achieve the game’s main goal, which is to get out of what Robert calls “the rat race” and have a passive income greater than your expenses, but I learned new things and I had a great time playing the game as well as I met interesting people. Looking forward to the next section!

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad and have enjoyed it a lot I start reading another book from the series Rich Dad’s called Retire Young Retire Rich. On this book Robert Kiyosaki tells the reader how his wife and him were about to, in 9 years, be financially free and retire. I am almost half way through the book and I am likely it so far. If you are interested about this book check out it’s Amazon page.

I haven’t always been a big reader but I think now I found topics that motivates me to read more and more and I simply started loving to read.