3 years


Today, it has been 3 years that I moved to Sydney, Australia. I completly felt in love with this country. Leaving here is absolutely great and I feel very happy to be here.

This weekend was really nice. We helped Tati and Matthias to move houses and we went to do some shopping on Sunday. The weather was very nice, but it is starting to get dark earlier, around 7:45PM.

It seems that the summer is going away what is kind of sad when you leave 5 minutes from the bay. But we can enjoy the winter too.

Last week I went twice to the gym, which is very far from my goal of 4 days a week, but I am catching up. Gabi is doing very well she went 4 times last week. Lets see if this week I can go with her.

That is it for the week update of my personal life.